Meet our new Editor for the Mycology Section, Dr. Priscila Chaverri

Our Mycology section has a new Editor, Dr. Priscila Chaverri who holds a joint appointment with the University of Maryland and University of Costa Rica. Dr. Chaverri, originally from Costa Rica where she majored in Forestry, holds a PhD in Plant Pathology obtained at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests involve the taxonomy of endophytes in the tropics and the systematics of fungal pathogens (Nectriaceae) associated with hardwood trees in both temperate and tropical regions.

Dr. Chaverri is an experienced Editor for international journals including Mycological Progress, Phytopathology and Revista Forestal Mesoamericana KurĂș (Costa Rica). In 2013 she was awarded the C. J. Alexopolous award given by the Mycological Society of America to “…an outstanding mycologist early in their career.”

We welcome Priscila and appreciate her willingness to collaborate with Tropical Plant Pahtology.

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