Updates to our editorial policies and instructions for authors

Tropical Plant Pathology will no longer accept first reports of diseases/pathogen in a geographic location. Special cases had been published until now as short communication, including first reports to country, emergent diseases of major economic significance to agriculture, etc.

We will continue to consider work that is not limited to report new occurrences of a known disease or pathogen but go beyond including description of new taxa and pathogen population and epidemiological aspects using data from more extensive surveys and large sample size.

We updated extensively our Instructions for Authors and prepared a list of minimum requirements for consideration which should be followed carefully by authors prior to submitting a mansucript to TPP.

If at least one of the requirements below are not met, the manuscript will be sent back to author.

  • Manuscripts should contain disease and/or plant pathogen data; please note that first reports of plant diseases/pathogens are no longer accepted under any circumstances.
  • Experiments should be repeated in time at least once, unless the research results are from surveys or of non-quantitative nature. Failure to adhere to our experimental and statistical considerations will be grounds for rejection.
  • Studies on screening or evaluation of efficacy of synthetic/natural products (fungicides, biocontrol agents, plant extracts, etc.) must include field data and provide additional information on modes of action. The latter requirement may be waived if the results are based on meta-analysis using multisite and multi-year datasets and contribute novel information for management. Studies on screening of pathogen populations for drug/fungicide resistance should include in vitro as well as molecular data.
  • Studies on screening of plant host genotypes for disease resistance should not be limited to ranking locally-adapted genotypes but provide sufficiently novel information on the mechanisms of resistance or other aspects of broader interest to the international plant pathology community.
  • Submissions must adhere to the manuscript formatting guidelines.
  • Authors should make sure the manuscript is written in good quality English. Non-native English speakers are encouraged to seek external language editing services if needed.

Full documentation of the instructions can be found here

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