Editorial board meeting during ICPP 2018, Boston

We would like to thank the group of eight Section Editors who could find a time in their busy schedule, during a very big full week meeting in Boston, to sit for an hour and discuss editorial issues. Most of the Editors in the meeting joined TPP late last year, so this was a chance to know them in person and learn from their experiences and answer questions related to the editores duties. From left to right, Denita H. Guerry, Nik Cunniffe, Alessandra Souza, Rodrigo Almeida, Sydney Everhart, Diana Fernandez, Zhang Hao, Emerson Del Ponte and Adam Sparks.

It was a productive meeting with several comments and suggestions made by the Editors to improve the quality of the work we publish. These included an enhanced database of reviewers, editorial board structure, special issues, criteria of acceptance, statistical issues, etc. We are happy to have a committed group of Editors willing to contribute the most to make TPP the number one journal for tropical plant diseases.